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won't consider using a business with low star ratings. 8/10 customers will not hire a service or buy a product without checking online reviews.
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Internet Marketing Agency and Review Marketing Service in Kaysville, Utah Serving the Greater Salt Lake area, Davis County and Ogden, Utah

Local Online Marketing We help you get found online in Google and help you increase your foot traffic and/or phone calls and launch your business to the next level.
Increase Online Reviews Reviews are the #1 thing customers look at in deciding which companies to work with. Our automated system helps you connect with your customers to get more high quality reviews.
Local Online Marketing We create or update your small business website so it will work on desktop and mobile devices. This helps you become even more visible online.

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Catapult My Business
Catapult My Business is a local internet marketing company that brings more customers through your doors or calls to your phones. The more customers that find you, the more money you make! We launch you to the next level. See how... we replace the phone book
How Do we Compare to Other Online Marketing Firms?
You probably found this website online in a local Google search. We walk the walk and talk the talk. We were found online and we help you get found online also. Check out other local internet marketing companies (our competitors) and see if they come up in a Google local search. Click here to learn more about our... local internet marketing
Our Services
We provide email marketing and review marketing services. In additional, we provide local internet marketing services (to very limited amount of companies). Our mission is to help businesses and organizations to grow and succeed by driving more customers to their business. We do this by increasing online visibility and through the use of online tools such as reviews and email marketing.
our story
The owner of the company, Dave Clark, has been a small business owner since he was in college in 1993. He started out with a small service business then built online businesses that received over 500,000 web visitors per month. After selling over $10 million of products online from his own websites, he sold his business in 2013. In 2014, he decided to help small businesses full time and officially opened Catapult My Business. His company's goal is to bring more customers through your doors and calls to your phones. Dave and his team care about your success and will work tirelessly until customers find you online. Dave and his team ensure that all employees are rigorously trained, they are qualified to be your local marketing experts.
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We only work with one business per industry per zip code. Get started now (by calling 801-872-8328) and lock out your competition. Remember this - if you wait for 3 months to start, you’ll miss all the potential customers looking for your type of business during that time. Start now and we will launch you to the next level!
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