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How to Get Reviews

Learn how to get more high quality reviews, so customers will choose your business over your competitors, and you will make more money.

In this section, you'll learn how frequency and prepping customers for reviews can help you increase your reviews. If you've purchased our Review Package, you'll learn how kiosk mode and having a feedback button on your site can also increase the number of reviews you get. Finally, you'll learn how using suggested scripts before and/or after transactions can help you increase the number of reviews you receive.

Increase Reviews

If you've purchased the Catapult My Business Review System, click on the link above to go through 5-10 minutes of initial training.

Using the Capapult My Business Review System, there are 5 ways to get reviews >. You'll learn (1) How to enter customer emails manually into the system, (2) How to import customers into the system, (3) How to use kiosk mode to enter customers, (4) How a feedback button can be installed on your website and (5) How to receive a feedback URL that can be sent to customers to give you reviews.

Increase Reviews

If you have a business with a high volume of customers coming in and out frequently, you may want to have a physical sign-up form to capture customer emails to put into the system. This can be put by a cash register. If practical, you may also want to try kiosk mode to get more customers into the system. Please note that you can download the Word Doc and edit it however you'd like.

Increase Reviews