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5 Ways (+2) to Get Clients into the Review System

Learn about the 5 ways to get reviews from the Catapult my Business Review sytem. Reviews will help you stand out over your competitors and get chosen. This increases your customer base and bottom line. Don't hesitate to email us at reviewteam@catapultmybusiness.com if you have any questions.

This video summarizes the Five Ways to Get Customers into the Review System.

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This option is great for small businesses with a low volume of customers. It also works great if your customers usually don't visit your location or if you have a home office and can't use Kiosk mode. Manual Mode works on mobile phones and tablets. Watch Manual Tutorial.

Enter Emails Manually to Get Reviews

This is a great if you have a high volume of customers. All you have to do it get customer first name, last name and email to put them in. We recommend uploading customers at least once a week. However, if you do it once a day, you are likely to get more reviews. If you accidentally put an email in twice, don't worry - it will not not go into the system the second time (that way they don't get frustrated that you're sending them so many emails). Watch Import Tutorial

Importing Emails for More Reviews

Kiosk mode is ideal if you want to get customers in the system while at your location. This works great for businesses that interact personally with customers. Examples would include dentists, restaurants, medical practices or attorneys. Watch Kiosk Mode Tutorial

Try Kiosk More to Get Reviews

We regularly put customer testimonials on your website which can help persuade potential customers to use your services. We also put a "Leave Us Feedback" button on your site, so customers can leave you even more great reviews. The reviews/testimonials that are put on your website use special code called "Schema.org" which makes it possible for your review ratings to come up in Google. This helps you get seen more online, gain more customers and increase your bottom line. Please note that showing up in Google in this way can take time. There are many online marketing advantages to using the system and getting customer reviews/testimonials on your website. Learn about the marketing advantages here.

Feedback Button Helps Get More Reviews

This is a perfect solution if you don't have access to customer emails or know your customers' names. Your Custom Feedback URL will be sent to you by email approximately 1 week after signing up for the Review System. It can be added to newsletters, brochures, email signatures, websites, existing survey forms, QR codes, text messages and virtually anything you can think of. Watch the Custom Feedback URL Tutorial

Use a feedback URL to get reviews

If none of the other methods work well for your business, you can always print some old fashioned forms and have them by your cash register. This may be ideal for some businesses. After getting a list of customers, you would just have to login to the review system and enter them manually (see 1. Enter Emails Manually - above).

Increase Reviews

Here's one final last-ditch attempt at getting more customers into your review system. Before getting too deep into "the Fishbowl", please remember that if you try to add an email into the system twice, it will notice it’s already in the system and will not add it twice (this helps you avoid spamming). Here are some tips to making the fishbowl work: Put the following on the bowl: “Put a business card in for a chance to win a free meal!” You must include a Disclaimer that says something like: You will also be put on our mailing list to receive special offers and you may be sent feedback requests. (Remember: you can't legally incentivize people to give reviews. But you can incentive them to get on your mailing list.)

Increase Reviews with a Fishbowl!