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How to Manually Enter Customers into Your Review Account

Remember, the more often you enter customer emails, the higher quantity of reviews you are likely to get. In other words, entering them in daily is more effective than monthly.

How to Enter Customers Manually

In this short 2 1/2 minute video, you'll learn how to manually put customers into the Catapult My Business Review System.

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Enter Customers Manually into the Review System
Enter Customers Manually into the Review System

2. If this is your first time adding customer emails, you’ll see 2 options to input a customer using manual mode. If you've previously entered customer emails, you'll only see the "Add customer" option at the top left.

Step 3 to enter customers manually

3. Add a customer by entering their First and Last Name and email address. If you check "send feedback request immediately", the email will go out within a few seconds. Oterwise, it can take up to one business day to get sent. Please not that the “Customer Notes” section is optional and will be seen only by you.

Enter a customer manually step 4

4. The customer shows up in this area of your dashboard. They will be emailed according to what you marked (see step 3 above). Then, after five days, if they haven't given a review/testimonial yet, they will be emailed again.