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The Feedback Button and Affect of Reviews on Your Site

Once you've signed up for the Catapult My Business Review System, we will install a feedback button on your site. This helps customers to leave even more reviews.

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Feedback Button Makes You Look More Credible

A feedback button on your site makes it more legit to others visiting your page. They see that anyone can leave feedback. This page also gives you more credibility with website visitors.

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How to get your testimonials page to show up in Search Engines: If search engines see that you have a feedback button on the page, they are more likely to index you, so you will show up in a particular search engine. Please be aware that it can take time for your feedback page to come up in the search engines. There are many factors that determine when and if this page comes up in the search engines. A few things you can do to help this process along are: (1) Get other websites to create a link to your testimonials page. For example, if you donate money to a local school or charity, and they put a link to you on their website, be sure and have them link to your testimonials page. (2) Link to your testimonial page from other pages on your website using the word "reviews" or "testimonials" (in the content of your site). These 2 factors along with time will help your testimonials page to show up in Google.