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Send Your Feedback URL to Customers for More Reviews

One to two weeks after signing up for the Catapult My Business Review System, you will receive a feedback URL by email that can be used to put on your promotianal materials. This can help you get even more reviews.

Feedback URL for Reviews

The custom feedback URL is a perfect solution if you don't have access to customer emails or know your customers' names. Your Custom Feedback URL will be sent to you by email approximately 1-2 weeks after signing up for the Review System. It can be added to newsletters, brochures, email signatures, websites, existing survey forms, QR codes, text messages and virtually anything you can think of.

Pro User Tip: As long as you do it correctly, this can be a great way to collect customer emails for other purposes. For example, you may want to send customers a promotional email once a month. However, please remember to be responsible and comply with all laws in the CanSpam Act.

Feedback URL  Example

The preceding image is an example of where people go when they click on your custom Feedback URL. Of course, an image related to your company will be on the page.

How to get your custom URL:

Your custom feedback URL will be emailed to you 1-2 weeks after signing up for the Reviews System. If you can't find the email, feel free to email us at reviewteam@
catapultmybusiness.com. Be sure to include your name, business name and the email you used to sign up.

Feedback URL Shortener

In the video to the left (above if you're on mobile), you'll learn how to shorten your feedback URL. That way, it will fit better on business cards, brochures, email signatures and more.