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How to Upload/Import Customers into Your Review Account

Learn to import multiple customers at once into your Catapult My Business review account. This is ideal for businesses who deal with a large number of customers at the same time.

Quick Facts About Uploads

1. When you import a list, we will check for duplicate emails. If an email already exists, we will not import it again.

2. You cannot import files larger than 3MB for security reasons. If your customer list is larger than 3MB, we suggest you break it up into 2 separate files to avoid "timing out" during the upload.

3. Files must be in Excel or CSV format.

4. When you upload a large list of customers, only 5 emails per day will be sent, so you will not be tagged as "review spam".

5. After your email is sent, if the customer hasn't sent you feedback within 4 days, a follow up email will be automatically sent.

Important to know about reviews

Download the Customer Email List Spreadsheet

Use this spreadsheet to input and import your customers into the review system.

Customer Email List Spreadsheet

Enter Customers Manually into the Review System
Import Customers for Reviews - Step 2

2. If you have more than one business in the system, select the business you want to import customers into. If you only have one business, skip to step 3.

Import Customers for Reviews - Step 3

3. Click "Import". (Be sure to have your list handy.)

Import Customers for Reviews - Step 4

4. Click "Select". Important: Your customer list MUST be in XLS (Excel) format (XLSX format doesn't work). An even better file format is CSV. If you are using a current version of Excel, and want to save your in the XLS format, click the Excel logo (upper left hand part of the screen>>Save As>>Save as type (toward the bottom of the window)>>Scroll down to -->(*.xls). Remember that you cannot upload files larger than 3MB for security reasons. Please also ensure that your columns are labeled as in the preceding example and are in the exact same order. If you don't follow these instructions, your document will not upload.

Import Customers for Reviews - Step 5

5. If you did everything correctly, a green "Import Successful" message will appear and your customers will show up in the Dashboard area.

Import Customers for Reviews - Step 5

6. Please ensure that your communication method is on "Automatic" so that your customers will be emailed automatically. The first customers on the list will start to be emailed within one business day. Then, five emails will be sent each day until all customers have been emailed. This helps to avoid your account being marked as "review spam". Next, if a customer hasn't given feedback within 5 days, they will be sent another email.