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Kiosk Mode: Add Customers in Person

Kiosk mode is ideal if you want to get customers in the system while at your location. This works great for businesses that interact personally with customers. Examples would include dentists, restaurants, medical practices or attorneys.

Kiosk Mode Video

Learn how to use Kiosk Mode to bring more reviews to your company.

Kiosk mode gets customers into your account without having their emails.

  1. Open a browser in a tablet
  2. Enter your Custom Feedback URL in the browser (scroll down to see how to get your custom URL)
  3. Hand your tablet to your customer during checkout or near the end of their visit
  4. Customers complete the initial survey part of the process (the testimonial that goes on your website)
  5. Important: The screen will then say, “Please take a minute to leave an online referral using a review link below.” It is important to train your employees to say, “since you did the first part of the survey here at our location, you will actually be emailed the second part of the survey. (No links will show up on the page, since Kiosk mode is a hybrid system.)
  6. Customers are then email and asked to review your company online
Example of Kiosk Mode
Diagram of Kiosk Mode

<-- Diagram of how Kiosk Mode works

Please note: If you plan to use Kiosk Mode for over 90% of your customers, please email us and let us know and we will configure your account differently. Just email reviewteam@

How to Get the Your Custom Kiosk Mode URL:

  1. Your Kiosk mode URL will be emailed to you approximately one week after setup. Please watch for the email and save the URL in a secure place. (Search your emails for “Kiosk mode URL”).
  2. If you can’t find the Kiosk mode URL in your email, you can send an email to reviewteam@catapultmybusiness.com. Be sure to include the email you used to sign up, the name of your business and a phone number where we can reach you.