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How to Remove Bad Reviews (is it possible?)

Having a bad review is definitely a concern as it can affect your reputation online and can impact your company’s revenue. This page covers everything you need to know to take care of bad reviews.

How to Remove/Address Bad Reviews

This video summarizes the rest of the page below. In it, you'll learn how to deal with and address negative reviews. Negative reviews are not the end of the world. In fact, the Catapult My Business Review System will help you get so many quality reviews that the affects of a negative review will be minimized.

Bad Review Removal - How to Diffuse a Bad Review
  • There is good news and bad news here. We’ll hit the bad news first - a bad review cannot be officially removed unless the person who left the review removes it himself/herself. The good news if that if you contact the disgruntled customer and remedy the situation, sometimes they will remove the review.
  • We've found that if you bend over backwards to help customers, many customers, who were once negative, can end up becoming your biggest fans. We have seen that happen time and time again.
  • A great insurance policy against bad reviews is to get many good reviews.
    • Take a look at these numbers:
      • If you have a total of 1 one-star review and 9 five-star reviews, your average star rating will be: 4.6 stars (not bad)
      • If you have a total of 2 one-star reviews and 8 five-star reviews, your average star rating will be: 4.2 stars (still not bad)
Remove bad reviews
The Catapult My Business Review System Helps Prevent Bad Reviews

We do two vital things online to protect your reputation:

  1. Our System has customers give you private feedback first. Customers are only asked for a review is the feedback is positive.
  2. We help you get enough good reviews that the occasional negative review doesn’t affect you.
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What to Do When Bad Reviews Crop Up

Step 1 Check your reviews daily to know when they hit

  • If you can address situations daily or even within one business day, it can make a world of difference to keep your reputation high online.

Problem: Going to all the sites where people could leave reviews every day is not practical.

Solution: The Catapult My Business Review System sends you an email any time a review is created on the internet - whether good or bad. (You just have to let us know which profiles you want us to monitor and we send you emails any time a review happens.)

Step 2: Address Bad Reviews Quickly

Visit the profile where your customer left a review and respond to the bad review as quickly as possible. If you can answer within 1 business day it can make a huge difference. Some people think, “I’ll just ignore reviews altogether and the whole thing will go away”. The challenge is that if you ignore reviews, it can cause damage to your company's reputation that could put you out of business. Take a looks at scripts below for options in dealing with bad reviews.

Address Bad Reviews Quickly
Potential Scripts to Address Bad Reviews:

Please feel free to mix and match the following scripts, so they sound like something that matches your company style. Also, please only use certain scripts if they are actually true (see final script below).

  • Script Option #1 - General Negative Review
    • Thanks for your feedback. Please call us at [555-555-5555] so we can get things taken care of as soon as possible.
  • Scripts Option #2 - General Negative Review
    • Thank you for bringing that to our attention. We do our best to provide great products and service to people. Please call us at [555-555-5555] so we can get you taken care of.
  • Scripts Option #3 - General Negative Review
    • I’m sorry that happened. Customer service is very important to our company. Please call us at [555-555-5555] so we can get you taken care of as fast as possible.
  • Customer Didn’t Pay Bill - You Sent them to Collections: as a result, they gave you a bad review. You could consider something like the following.
    • Thanks for bringing that to our attention. I’d like to help out. Unfortunately, we do have terms of payment, although we try to give customers as many chances to take care of things as possible. Please give us a call when you’re ready to make arrangements and we’ll work with you [555-555-5555].
  • Your staff was rude and made me wait for hours!
    • Thanks for bringing that to our attention. We appreciate your feedback. This is the first feedback we have received of this type. Our goal is to provide 100% great customer service, and we train our staff regularly on customer service. I have talked with the person involved and they have assured me that will never happen again. Please accept our apology and call us at [555-555-5555], so that we can make it right.

Please note that these are only suggestions and may not be right for every situation. Be sure to use discretion.

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