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2 Options for Reselling Catapult My Reviews

Resell Reviews to your customers. Earn extra money and help your customers improve their businesses and increase revenue.

Option 1: Join our Affiliate/Commission Program

How It Works:

Resellers sign up for the program though our Affiliate Signup Link and get their own custom order link. Resellers' sales people can then contact their customers to upsell them. The process is simple, resellers have customers click on the custom link and fill out the sales page, as well as the initial survey. Commission checks are then sent to the reseller once a month. An additional custom sales link can be made for each sales person which tracks commissions by sales person as well as the total overall sales for the reseller. When Catapult My Business pays the reseller each month, a sales report can also be sent.

Customer Prices

Small Business (1-14 emp.) $95/mth or $950/year
Med Business (15-49 emp.) $195/mth or $1950/year
Lg Business (50-100 emp.) $295/mth or $2950/year


A coupon can be created for a percent off for life.

Commission Structure

For first 12 Months: Reseller earns: 20%/mth

Sales Tools Available to Reseller: PowerPoint sales presentation, printable flyers, printable review website options (for customers)

Upwards cloud makes a marketing impact
Option 2: White Label

How It Works:

Resellers get a white label of the review system. They sell the system under their own name and do all setup of each customer account. Benefits of the white label are that resellers don't earn less on commission over time, reviews can be packaged with their current products and they can choose their price.

Setup Fees and Full Implementation Training $3,000 - $20,000 (one-time fee)

Staff Needed to Run Day-to-Day Operations:

  • Entry level Data Entry/Web Design/Web Developer: to setup each new company. Setup usually takes 20-30 minutes.
  • Customer Service: after initial setup, minimal customer service is needed (if setup properly).

Reseller Monthly Price:

  • 0-20 Businesses $60 per business/month
  • >30 Businesses $46 per business/month
  • >100 Businesses $40 per business/month
  • >200 Businesses $34 per business/month
  • >300 Businesses $32 per business/month
  • >500 Businesses $30 per business/month
  • >1,000 Businesses $25 per business/month

Customer Prices: Reseller sets the customer price and charges customer each month. For suggested prices, see Customer Prices towards the top of this page.

White Label Money Tree