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Review Marketing

Getting reviews in the proper way can do wonders for your online marketing. It can ultimately help more customers to find you and increase your bottom line.

There are many significant marketing advantages to getting actual customer reviews and acquiring reviews correctly. It will help you grow your customer list and infuse revenue into your company.

How Important are Reviews?

Reviews are as important today as having a website was 10 years ago. Many businesses didn’t get a website, even years after the internet hit, and many of them are gone.

Marketing Review Advantages wtih Many People

A crucial piece of your marketing success and ultimately more customers and more money is learning about what is appropriate with reviews and what isn't (and what is simply illegal). This section will teach you the ins and outs in 10 easy steps. Be sure and take note so you don't make any mistakes that could hurt you.

Review Do's and Don'ts

After subscribing to the Catapult My Business Review System, we recommend going through this essential video training so you can learn the ins and outs of reviews. Each video is only a few minutes and you can learn all the essentials in about 20 minutes. If you ever have questions, please feel free to email our review team (reviewteam@catapultmybusiness.com)

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Review Training