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Essential Review Training

This initial review training will help you get off the ground after signing up with the Catapult My Business Review System

Review Do's and Don'ts

Important: Must See - In this 4-minute video, you will learn important Do's and Don'ts for reviews, as well as some legal ramifications. For example, it is not legal to offer any sort of incentive or reward in exchange for reviews.

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How to Input Your First Customers

In this video, you will learn how to enter your first customers into the Catapult My Business Review System. This video teaches you how to enter customers manually. This is ideal for businesses that don't have a large amount of emails to enter each day or week.

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How to Get More Reviews

The best way to get more reviews is to improve your business so people want to give you a review. The second best way to get more reviews is to prep customers that you will ask for a review (using the scripts in the video). Here are a few simple review scripts to look at that can help you increase your reviews.

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How to Deal with Negative Reviews

Negative reviews won't just go away, you have to deal with them to keep your reputation and ratings high online. Here are some simple tips and scripts to help you deal with negative reviews.

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