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Reviews: Online Marketing Advantages

There are many significant marketing advantages to focusing on reviews and doing them the right way. You can ultimately create happier customers and increase your bottom line.

How Important are Reviews?

Reviews are as important today as having a website was 10 years ago. Many businesses didn’t get a website and many went out of business.

Top 5 Benefits of Reviews

Example of Getting Chosen Over Competitors with More Reviews

1. Get chosen over your competitors.

When potential customers look for your type of business online, if you have more high quality reviews, all else being equal, you will be chosen a higher percentage of the time.

The star rating is the #1 factor used by consumers to judge a business.

Example of improved search engine rankings due to reviews

2. Increase Visibility and Rankings in Search Engines

Google looks at review quantity, review velocity and review diversity as one of the 5 Overall Ranking Factors in deciding where you land in a search result.

Please note in the example to the left, (or above if on mobile) that the website with the most reviews is not ranked #1. This is because there are also other factors that determine your rank in search engines.

Important: It has been found that as you come up higher in a search engine page that some positions can bring up to 4 times the potential customers to your website.

That being said, another one of Google’s ranking factors is freshness of content. This means that as testimonials are added to your website (keeping it fresh), Google is also likely to rank you higher.

Web page showing that testimonials work

3. Testimonials Work!

According to Derek Gehl of Entrepreneur.com, “Testimonials build trust...aren't salesy...[and] overcome skeptisicm. If you’re not using testimonials on your website, you’re missing out on one of the most powerful, easy to use and cheap marketing tools available to you.”

With the Catapult My Business Review System, You’ll have natural testimonials from real customers that won’t get outdated. Fresh testimonials are regularly added to your website.

Report showing business improvement with reviews

4. Improve Your Business and Get More Word of Mouth

Feedback Emails and Monthly Reports Help you improve your business. If customers are happier with your business, they’ll be more likely to refer others. In fact, we’ve found that if you get a Net Promoter Score (Customer Service Rating) in the high 80s or low 90s, (as seen on the reports we send you each month), you are likely to get 2-3 times the number of reviews.

We recommend taking a few minutes a day to look at the feedback emails you receive to stay current with your customers. When you get negative feedback, we encourage you to respond quickly to address the situation.

Two search results for same company in Google search

View our page about how to get reviews. Also, you can learn more about our internet marketing agency here (see what other services we provide).

5. Higher Star Rating = More Customers

If a business has a 3 star rating, then 57% of consumers will use that business

If a business has a 4 star rating, then 94% of consumers will use that business

Our Catapult Review System helps businesses increase their star ratings by filtering out those who would leave negative reviews.