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Review Do's and Don'ts and Legal Ramifications

A crucial piece of your marketing success and ultimately more customers and more money is learning about what is appropriate with reviews and what isn't (and what is simply illegal). Please pay close attention.

This Review Dos and Don'ts video will give you all the basics and key things you need to know to get your review marketing off on the right foot. You will learn important Do's and Don'ts that will not only help your bottom line but protect you legally.

See Top 10 List of Reviews Do's and Don'ts Below

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The Top 10 List of Review Do's and Don'ts

1. Getting too many reviews at once can trigger a red flag with Google and decrease your rankings or even get you banned from Google. Your first month, don't put more than 100 past customers into the system. If you put in more, you could get a large number of reviews which could trigger a red flag and get you penalized in Google. Your goal should be to get anywhere from 2 to 5 reviews a month.

2. Consistent slow growth of reviews over time is the best. A few a month is great. More can be better if you can consistently get the same amount each month. Quality is more important than quantity.

3. Remember to input customer emails into the Catapult Review System more frequently for more reviews. Enter them at least monthly, although weekly is better and daily is even better. Customers are more likely to review you if they get an email shortly after their contact or transaction with you. The more frequently you input customer emails, the more reviews you'll get.

4. NEVER create your own reviews, fake reviews or ask friends or relatives to write reviews (unless they’re actual customers - even then, make sure they write the actual review.

5. Google will delete some reviews (suspected as false), but keep going anyway. Just know that this will happen, and don't get discouraged.

6. You don’t want 100x the reviews as the competitors in your industry. It doesn’t look natural and could hurt your rankings. (I.e. If your competitors have 6 or 7 reviews, you don’t want to have 600 or 700.)

7. Take a few minutes each day to check reviews, and address negative feedback. Addressing negative feedback is important to keeping customers happy and to improving your business. You can do this by looking at the emails we send to your inbox right when reviews or feedback are created by your customers. Learn how to address negative reviews here.

8. Reviews are more likely to “show up” if done on a smart phone since Google can verify the user. However, all reviews done by actual customers are good.

9. Google and the US Government don’t allow offering a reward for leaving a review. (If the customer mentions she was incentivized, or if Google finds out, you will be penalized.) Even more important - companies have been fined $10,000 by the US Gov. (FTC) for offering to reward or pay for reviews.

10. If you prep your customers that you will ask for reviews, you are more likely to get more reviews. Here are a few simple review scripts you can use to help you get more reviews.

Bonus: Learn more about the marketing advantages of reviews.

Bonus #2: Our Catapult Review System copies testimonials to your website regularly. Testimonials are huge in marketing and help you convert many more people into customers.

Review Do's and Don'ts Checklist